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Welcome to Hufcor. Hufcor is the world's leading manufacturer of operable partitions, accordion folding doors, and moveable glasswall partitions. Movable wall systems and room dividers deliver unlimited space division and acoustical flexibility in an ecological way. Hufcor products are installed throughout England, Europe, and the world in the finest hotel meeting rooms and ballrooms, religious buildings, and corporate facilities.  Hufcor is represented by a worldwide network of manufacturing facilities, distributors and licensees.


Hufcor United Kingdom Is The Source For Flexible Space Management Solutions, Including: accordion partitions, acoustic partition, concertina room dividers, contemporary room dividers, folding partitions, folding partition walls, glass partitions, movable partition walls, operable partition systems, partition wall systems, and room partition walls.


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The Hufcor history of quality, reliability, innovation and service to the industry is the reason architects, contractors and engineers routinely specify Hufcor operable partitions. Whether you need new partitions to create more flexibility in your facility, or you need to repair, retrofit, or refurbish existing movable walls, contact Hufcor. Our worldwide network of factory-trained Distributors has the knowledge and experience to guide you to the best folding walls for your particular need.

Hufcor United Kingdom is your first source for flexible space management solutions.

In order to meet the ever-changing needs of the building industry, Hufcor continues to invest into the future of its resources to further improve its quality and services.

For More Information, Contact in England:

Allen House, Station Road
Hertfordshire CM21 9JX

Phone - 44 1279 882258

EMAIL- enquiries@hufcoruk.co.uk

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Hufcor is dedicated to customer satisfaction in the United Kindgom and will continue to provide industry leadership through an obsession with customer satisfaction and business integrity.

We are dedicated to provide quality and innovation; and to providing our Team Members challenging, rewarding growth opportunities with respect for individual dignity.

Choose Hufcor UK for Operable Partitions and maximize your space utilization. We specialise in Sliding wall solutions including Movable walls, Movable partitions, Operable walls and Folding Walls Movable Walls, Sliding Partitions, Operable Walls



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